As time goes by, a lot of evolution takes place and this doesn’t exclude the bomber jackets. When the bomber jackets were a thing in the military, it was made with heavy leather since leather was a strong and heavy material. This happened because of breakneck speeds and high altitudes in airplanes that were not so advanced.

Another reason for this was to keep the soldiers warm.

After this, another version of the bomber jacket was released by the US Army Air Corps. These versions were made with cinched cuffs, cinched waists, wraparound collars, and zipper closures. All these features were under the protection of fur linings and wind flaps.

From the description, you can tell that these jackets were very durable. It was after these versions that various variations kept popping out from all over. From cotton outers, leather straps, knitted collars, fur collars to an orange lining.

The reason for the orange lining was to enhance visibility if an accident occurs. This gave birth to more different exceptional styles each season to meet the needs of customers.

Hence, designers play around with different materials like wool, satin, neoprene, leather, gauze, and leather. They are even creative to also add some other elements like lace-ups, ruffles, and embroidered patchwork. This is what makes the bomber jacket an important fashion jacket that you should have in your closet. Here are some Fabrics You Can Use for your custom bomber Jacket.

1 ) Leather Bomber Jacket:

You can easily stick to the traditional style of varsity jacket by opting for leather materials. Undeniably leather has a shine and an elegance which will surely give the bomber jacket something worthy to fight for. Once the budding athletes will feel more interested to win the jackets, they will focus more on playing better. Moreover, leather material will support the embroidery or sequin that will bear the name of your school on the custom bomber jackets.

2) Wool Bomber Jacket:

Wool has also been used to craft bomber jackets for a long period. As it is a natural material, it will not take a heavy toll on your budget. Woolen fabric will make the varsity jackets sturdier and more durable. These can also be used as a warmer during the chilly winter. Wool also have a capacity to resist moisture. So, you can easily settle on wool when you are going to order for customized bomber jackets.

3)Cotton Bomber Jacket:

Cotton is one of the most popular materials for bomber jackets as it offers optimum comfort to the wearers and also wicks the excess moisture in warm weather. Cotton also has the quality to last longer. Therefore, cotton can also be your choice for bomber jackets.

4) Fleece Bomber Jacket:

Being a lot similar to wool, fleece can be its inexpensive alternative. Soft and breathable in nature, fleece is a good choice when it comes to fleece bomber jacket. They are lightweight and easy to carry also.

5) Synthetic Fabrics Bomber Jacket:

Last but not the least, synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon can be a great option for bomber jacket. These materials not only last longer but also offer comfort. Being available in various colors, these fabrics can lend more style to the bomber jackets.


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