How to wear a bomber jacket with style

Bomber jackets have been spotted here, there and everywhere this season – and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Whether you’re chilling at uni or dressing to impress for a first date, these comfy jackets add instant style to any outfit.

What is a bomber jacket?

Bomber Varsity Jackets are easy to spot and even easier to style. This jacket stems from aviator wear, with pilots donning these flight jacket styles when heading out. Fur or shearling collars and tan materials were popular choices for many.

Although there’s a few different styles to choose from, they mostly have tightly gathered elasticated waistbands and cuffs, as well as a wraparound collar. They can be worn pretty much anywhere and are ridiculously easy to dress up and down just by making a few tweaks to your outfits.

Once you’ve nailed how to wear a men’s bomber jacket, you’ll never want to take it off.

How To Wear A Bomber Jacket:
  • Choosing the right fit for you is a big part of getting the style down, so make sure the measurements match your current jackets.
  • Start with simple outfits and then get creative.
  • Try simple white tees with jeans and your fave trainers with a bomber jacket before styling it with wacky prints.
  • Bomber jackets suit most events, pick one that matches your personal style and you’ll find wearing a Bomber Varsity Jacket easy.
  • This type of jacket gives off a sporty vibe, so why not experiment with athleisure wear?
How should a bomber jacket fit?
  • Bomber jackets should always rest loosely on your hip – unless you’ve opted for a slightly cropped style.
  • The clingy cuffs shouldn’t go past or above your wrists – no matter the fit.
  • The cuffs should be relatively tight, so if it hangs over your hand loosely, try a smaller size.
  • The final test is to have a look at the collar of the jacket, which should sit comfortably – touching your neck rather than being loose or tight around it.
Bomber Jacket Outfits:

Still not sure where to start? No biggie, we’ve got some outfits that’ll suit all styles of bomber jacket. Get some inspo and start experimenting with your look.

Lumberjack Vibes:

The lumberjack look is a classic, especially when paired with one of our bomber jackets. Grab a flannel shirt, roll up those jeans and pull on your bomber, you’ll be good to go in no time. Chunky black or brown boots pull it all together for a casual but dapper ensemble, so make it your go-to for chilled drinks with the lads or brave it on a date with the Tinder match of your dreams.

Cool In Camo

Camo has been big for men’s trends this year, so incorporating the print into some bomber jacket outfits is an easy way of staying on-trend. This khaki layered bomber is the right choice if you’re after something to pair up with a camo tee, black jeans and black trainers for an easy everyday look. Going on a night out? Change up the shoes so the bouncers don’t pounce and you have yourself a cool n’ casual outfit for the club. Want something a tad more cosy? Go for some skinny-fit camo joggers and a fitted black top so you can chill in style.

Distressed But Not Overdressed

Hotshot your awful boy side by adding some troubled denim to your plane coat outfits. The lightweight variants from our range were basically made for layering, so a frayed long sleeved top or sew sits easily underneath. Toss some white energetic mentors in with the general mish-mash and you have yourself the ideal party outfit.

Chilled For Chilly Weather

Whether you’re recovering from a hangover with your mates or running out to grab a takeaway, keep it chilled with a bomber and your favourite fleece-lined joggers. Go for a more fitted jumper so you aren’t swamped in layers and show off those gym gains by choosing skinny fit bottoms. Don’t forget a knit beanie if it’s chilly out, especially if you know you’re going to be hanging around outside.

Urban Swag

Take some inspo from the urban trend by styling a patched bomber by tying a flannel around your waist. Keep it casual with a dark trouser and blue slim fit top, not forgetting your fave pair of trainers. This outfit wouldn’t look out of place at your local for a couple of beers, but swap the trainers for some lace up boots if you’re planning on heading to the club. For a comfy outfit that still shows off your swag, replace the jeans for some skinny joggers and sliders. And congrats, you now have the world’s comfiest outfit.

Work some of these bomber jacket outfits into your wardrobe for looks that tap into seasonal trends and look good whatever the weather. SOURCE

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