How to wear a varsity jacket?

Every day of every month at SaidaGear, We start your morning on Instagram with our advice on How to Wear a varsity jacket. But we want to go deeper. Give you the nuts and bolts of how to get the look into your wardrobe. This month we’re calling out our favorite seasonal style perk: outfit-making outerwear. Today we’re shining a light on the power of a modern varsity jackets.

The varsity jacket has undergone a stylish transformation making it a fall wardrobe must-have for every type of guy. Now Modern versions are fitted and with specific teams, so you can pick your own colors. We’re fans of dark navy and grey for their go-with-everything simplicity. It’s not surprising that walking into the class room in these jackets will pretty much guarantee a day full of compliments-no. It’s a business casual secret weapon you’ll want to wear day after day.That’s how you should wear a varsity Jacket

Take note of the way heavy-hitter Michael B. Jordan’s styled his, above. The shades of gray in his outfit offset the dark tone of the jacket while his white shirt and tie remind everyone he means business. The Extra points for the way the stripes on his collar add a graphic punch. But when you’re keeping your colors low in saturation like this.You may need a mix of textures to give the look some much needed depth. So go for soft knits, nubby wool pants, and crisp cotton shirting. You should Add a pair of black shades for your walk to lunch. You’ve got outfit that’s built to win.